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Are there any advantages? (I mean, other than being called "SuperMale")

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What's your favorite technique for scaring the poop out of someone?

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Thanks for sharing. I see based on your comments that those involved have been doing a lot of deep cover given what they would have to hide.

...but , why do you think, we haven't heard more from the victims? Surely at least a few would be willing to speak out. Given the apparent breadth of this atrocity, there must be hundreds? ...I'm blown away that there doesn't seem to have been a single public accusation outside of those directed at Epstein.

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What are the estimated odds of dying from a smoking caused illness if you are a smoker vs. one of the many "quit and occasionally revert" former smokers out there? (Asking for a friend of course)

Are nicotine substitutes (gums, lozenges, patches, etc..) significantly safer than smoking?

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What an amazing experience you were able to have there. What is it that you most want to know the average person to know about what you observed?