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But seriously, if they were secretive about the use of a surrogate, but the baby is genetically theirs, they can't say they adopted. So what other options to hide the surrogacy could have been used?

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It's a good question, though. They wanted to keep the use of a surrogate secret, but have a child who is genetically theirs. So they can't tell people they adopted. What other options for keeping it a secret did they have?

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They're a young guy couple...

I like how your typo still clearly makes your point.

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We had a Mormon family at the end of the cul-de-sac we moved to. Once my wife learned this she walked over, knocked on the door, and asked if anyone babysat. Of course, 2 of the 7 kids did. 2 of the others became our kids' best friends. We did some wholesome fun things with them, like camping in their backyard that extended to the creek and woods behind our neighborhood, and fishing in said creek. Game nights too. We never experienced them preaching to us. Good people.

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Serious question: Who does the vetting of these things? I see this AMA is listed in the sidebar schedule, so this isn't a surprise to the mods. What types of AMAs require pre-approval, and which ones are just off the cuff?

I am guessing that with Reddit's continued moved toward monetization, AMAs which are thinly veiled adverts will become the norm.