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Honest answer is that he is the best player in the game bar none. That being said he is always looking for an edge and that includes working the officials which rubs a lot of guys the wrong way. I haven't had kind feelings for him until this summer working with him in the negotiating room and seeing who is as a person. He is a true ambassador for the game and someone who has gained my respect. - DB

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I was and still am someone that math just comes too. Not memorizing procedures, but knowing the why and how so that it translates to other respects, such as engineering. I got through three years as an EE. I am taking two classes currently at MNSU but they wont let me do engineering online so I am getting an applied organizational studies degree with an nonprofit leadership emphasis. - DB

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There is truth to this. Thank god there weren't any camera phones back then. KW

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Being a hockey player for as long as I was, you can probably figure out why they are "amazing". This is my 4th set. If at first you don't succeed - try, try again. MS

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I can neither confirm nor deny those allegations... If they were true and I am not saying they are by any means, I think it was a an incomplete mission as a different guy scored. DB