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Is NASA looking mainly at carbon based life or are there other considerations for the foundation of extraterrestrial life?

There was a case where arsenic based life was found on the earth. I would imagine that would expand our view of what life is and make it difficult to determine what "life" is.

Edit: Sounds like this arsenic life was highly contested. Still this should bring up questions about what we see as the foundations and if they hold true.

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These are great questions! Bright kids and awesome teacher.

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Doesn't mean you didn't say racist shit.

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What do you see in President Trump that made you rally for him?

Especially with this:

"On June 29, 2016, Carr, as an opening speaker at a Bangor, Maine rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, made a Native American "war whoop" when referring to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.[20]"

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Yep. Deflect and take a source from NYPost.