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Paris Bauvais (BVA),

urgh, worst airport in the world! :D From a passenger view, at least.

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there is a difference between a migrant, and a refugee. Refugees are trying to escape something that is likely to result in their death, in their own country. Migrants are just looking to move because they want to, they are not in any actual danger.

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what are some good flowers to have in a garden to encourage bees to visit, and help to feed them? How far do bees fly from their hive to find food?

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if you are any of the dancers on the photos online of your dance troupe, you have nothing to worry about. You are all pretty damn good looking :)

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cool, thanks :) I'm in the middle of a town. Think the native flower is Lavender, so will give that a go in a pot :) I'v had Winter Pansies and Strawberries so far, and had 1 lone bee come visit a few times. Maybe he'll spread the word :D