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TheOnlyPolygraph648 karma

Stop making me want to do drugs. STOP IT.

TheOnlyPolygraph199 karma

I just love the "that's not me" after repeating the last sentence three times.

TheOnlyPolygraph120 karma

A whole new meaning to "I'm in lesbians with you."

TheOnlyPolygraph98 karma

I was so excited for that story, then Danny had to RUIN EVERYTHING.

TheOnlyPolygraph55 karma

The original idea for Steam Train was that it would premiere as a totally new show on the Game Grumps channel with Danny and Ross, airing alongside Game Grumps. And then Jon left abruptly and they needed someone to fill in. They already had two new people, so it was easiest to just pick one of them.

I am interested in why Danny was picked over Ross for Game Grumps, however. Probably related to scheduling or something.