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TheNumberJ127 karma

Will we be able to fill in the "Grass" areas between buildings with other things, such as concrete or stones?

For example, in the Casino City gameplay videos there was a lot of grassy areas between the large buildings. I'd like to fill these in with ally's or concrete so it looks much more like an actual inner city environment.

TheNumberJ118 karma

They do this a lot... Robin Williams didn't voice the Genie in the Aladdin TV series. (it was actually voiced by the guy who does Homer Simpson)

TheNumberJ91 karma

dude... there's like a universe in all of us.

TheNumberJ21 karma

That's the guy yes, I just didn't want to attempt to spell his name at the time.


TheNumberJ17 karma

I'm also a cancer survivor. I had a softball size tumor in my right chest wall. First diagnosis was pneumonia. Second diagnosis was a Hematoma. Third was Ewing's sarcoma (cancer). Third times the charm I guess