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There isn't actually any inefficiency in the breathing in this syndrome, and CO2 levels are not affected (nor O2 levels.) The lungs are where the exchange of O2 and CO2 take place and there is no effect on this process in OP's condition, nor does it actually affect air intake. Your flu likely caused either constriction of the airways or affected gas exchange in the lungs, and from what you say you already have pulmonary illness from working with glass. The flu can exacerbate existing lung conditions.

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it isn't the external nose that is the problem, it is the lack of internal structures that normally would divert air through the sinuses, it seems. In fact one of the potential treatments is to add an artificial deflector for the incoming air. Another treatment that is being explored is the use of Botox, which is in line with your thought about blocking the nerve impulses.

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OP hasn't responded in over 8 hours, but maybe that's a factor of the time zone. I hope they haven't abandoned the thread, there is a lot of guidance here for them.
Listen, OP, let me speak plainly to you. A terrible thing happened to you. This thing that happened had caused you terrible physical suffering and also terrible emotional suffering. These are facts. You need, and deserve, treatment for the physical condition and also for your mental health, which was of course affected as well.
Are your current daily choices effective in getting you the treatment you need? It sounds like they are not. So, if you want to have effective treatment, change your daily choices. Peace and joy can be found again, even amid suffering, when you honestly accept your situation as it is and focus on seeking solutions.

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You say you are “trying” to sue and in the original post you say you are “going to” but it’s been years. Have you spoken with the patient advocacy team at the hospital where you had the surgery? You say you are looking for a doctor who can help you- what have you done so far? Have you looked to see what the possible treatments are, and who specializes in doing them?

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The source in your own link has several suggestions including living in a warm, humid climate. Did you read it? They also offer 3 different treatments, have you considered these?