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Sorry, but I don't have any sympathy.

It is part of your country that you provide service to the nation. As you have a non-military option (and Finland's military has only been deployed in peacekeeping operations) I don't see how this is a moral issue.

You are objecting to national service, not military actions. Sorry, but my view is that you should have sucked it up, and done what every other Finn has done.

I suppose you could have left Finland, and moved to another country that was more closely aligned with your personal views of national service. Was that an option?

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Do you believe in an Open Borders policy?

Do you think that laws that are either unenforceable, or that government chooses not to enforce, should be repealed?

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Sorry, but this is an Amazon dumping thread. The UPS thread is scheduled for Friday.

I always wondered about that. I assume urban drivers knew where all the best bathroons are, but I assumed the rural guys just pissed behind trees.

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I have to ask, was tubadude1 already taken?

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Let's talk about the mental health crisis for middle aged men.

According to suicide prevention expert, Dr. Christine Moutier, white, middle-aged men account for 70% of deaths from suicide each year. Nine-tenths of them are from a lower socioeconomic class.

Why only worry about one small group? Why can't we all agree that mental health is an issue for all of us? What the hell is wrong with our society, and why do we seem to be going in the wrong direction?