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this is an awesome statement to hear from someone who grew up in ww2. my grandfather fought in the war, and i've always said your generation is the greatest generation. fought for everything, and cared about everyone...

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at least you're a sexy chick, he prob thought you were an obese man...now he's figuring out how to get you backstage lol...

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First off, thank you for your service! Do you do ceremonies only at Arlington, or do they send you to other services in the area as well? My buddy does color guard in a state for police deaths, and they have a special challenge coin, do you as well?

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If you read her comments closely, the 60's are when are the political movements were happening with race. She never thought there would be a black president then. I think you might have it wrong and be thinking of the very late 60's and then the 70's...Woodstock happened in '69

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commenting so I can come back later and look