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Yeah she will.

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For those interested in more background information about Jim Jones, here's a link to an archived article that was featured in The Indianapolis Recorder on Feb. 25, 1961 (nearly 53 years ago to the day). The article is titled "Integrationist Pastor Named to City Rights" post. The newspaper is an African-American publication that's been published in Indianapolis since 1895.

Some more links of interest:

  1. Current Google Street View of the former People's Temple site in Indy
  2. Current Google Street View of Jim's former Indianapolis home

Edit: I'm assuming that the vacant lot in the first Google Street View link that I posted is actually the site of the former People's Temple building in Indy. I drive this stretch of road every day on my way home from work. I'll never look at that intersection quite the same.

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Props for answering the tough questions. A proper AMA!

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Thank you for doing this AMA. Two questions:

  1. Do you fear that the public's awareness of the Jonestown massacre is fading with time, or has it only gotten stronger with the advent of the internet and how readily-available information is today?

  2. Can you recommend any documentaries or books (aside from your own) that provide the truest sense of what life was like for those who lived at Jonestown?

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Josef, this one is for you. IndyCar lost a TON of fans after the split. Most of the fans that stuck around are a bit, errrr, crusty. As a 20-something yourself, how does IndyCar reach Millenials? Is it advertising the speed? Is it opening up the engine rules for more innovation? Is it playing the "come to this street party and check out a race while you're here!" card? What say you?