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I heard Rush recorded their hemispheres album, how did you find working with them? Heard fun stories from them during that period.

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my also friend is stuck in china till the 31st too and will have to go through a week of quarantine and she’ll miss a week of school.

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Well she’s been told by the indonesian mission in china to expect a quarantine period for at most a week from arrival in indonesia where she might be screened for diseases. Like you, her ticket can’t be rescheduled and she’ll have to wait it out. My school has conducted a mandatory screening since last friday after suspected cases near where i live, as there are “direct” flights (30 mins stopover in singapore) to taiwan (not china, but there are cases there too)

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I’ve always wanted to ask this..... on super short hops <1hr do you have to follow airways? Or is VOR to VOR navigation still used if the departure chart references a VOR of the destination airport as a SID waypoint?