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Would property values lower if prop 10 passes?

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I have social anxiety, I don't feel depressed but have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder also. My issue is I'm just super paranoid about everything in life, kind of like a doomsday syndrome. I always think of the most negative thing that could happen, or I feel like when I walk into a party or bar everyone is staring at me, or I over think everything that I say. I always feel people are negatively talking about me or I said something wrong. This has caused me to binge drink quite heavily (Usually black out every weekend that I go somewhere, have a hard time remembering the events of the prior night, but never drink on weekdays). My issue is therapist will only prescribe me antidepressants which I've tried a few, and nine help with my anxiety and they only give me horrible side effects. My question is, why won't they prescribe me anxiety meds? I think it's bc I drink, but how am I not supposed to drink if I have so much anxiety when I go out I'm not comfortable until I drink. Wouldn't anxiety meds make me feel less anxiety so in turn lead me to not drink?

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My dad got a dui for blowing .09, lawyer told him the same thing that he should have refused. A couple years later my brother refused all test, sat in jail 2 days(memorial day weekend) waiting to see a judge. Got a lawyer, was dropped to reckless driving. Very small fine, no loss of license, no dui classes, no breathalyzer installed in his car, not on his record as long as a dui.

Absolutely solid advice. If you think you're gonna get a dui, or there is even a remote chance you might get one it's much easier, cheaper, and better for you .

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Thank you.

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I've asked the supermarket butchers to if they could cut my bacon thick but evidentally it's against policy they say, is this a pain in the ass task or will most butcher shops do it if I ask?