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I’m not a Trump voter (PLEASE DONT VOTE FOR TRUMP) but this reply is super fucky. You’ve purposely worded it (“sometimes makes mistakes”) and chosen an example (“that is clearly wrong”) that suggest Biden makes mistakes rather than lies. What you should’ve done is put the “we don’t know which statements are lies and which are just wrong” disclaimer under BOTH politicians if you didn’t want to come off as insinuating that only one politician lies.

In addition, you’re saying that listing a single lie would’ve been a kind of bias, but it’s literally not. Listing a bunch of suspected lies from one side and only one obvious non-lie from the other clearly is. What you should’ve done is answer the question straight-forwardly (or explain why it’s a bad question), THEN made it clear that you suspect one side is far worse.

I don’t trust you to not spread disinformation. You’re clearly ok with using classic rhetorical tricks to push your bias, just like any other media.

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You've been very successful; were you always confident magic would work out as a career? Or, did you start out as an actor?

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Lucky. I can barely make progress in my career, and it's nothing special at all.