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TheLonelyStranger96 karma

I have a few questions for both of you.

1) How did you meet the Grumps?

2) How did you think of Table Flip?

3) Why did you decide to put it on Polaris instead of YouTube?

Love you guys, thanks a bunch!

TheLonelyStranger27 karma

I'm 16 and I was circumcised. I come from a Christian family, and so far no Jewish relatives have been found, and my parents will not tell me why they did it. I just want to thank you for your work. It's really important and I hope that soon you won't need to do it. My question is, do you support some sort of foreskin restoration surgery, and if so, how close do you think medical science is to being able to do that well?

TheLonelyStranger21 karma

Do you see the brown line wrapping around your penis, near the head? The skin on either side are different colours. That's the circumcision scar. It's where the foreskin started.

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To Ashleigh: My best friend got me into the show in early 2012, and we still argue about who the best pony is. He says Applejack, I say Rainbow Dash. What say you? Also, what was your favourite episode to record? Fall Weather Friends must've been interesting.

To Brent: Are there any plans on extending the theatrical release? If not, when can I expect it to show up on Netflix, if ever? I really want to see it, but there aren't any showings near me. Also, do you plan on making another brony-related documentary? Do you have an idea for one?

TheLonelyStranger11 karma

Thank you for the response and thank you very much for your work.