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How many hours a day do you practice? Also Who decides your routines? 謝謝 您!

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Jeez that's pretty harsh. Thanks for sharing

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What was the most difficult pickup you've had to make? What was the best?

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A few questions for you:

  • Can you explain a bit more about why textbooks cost so much? Is it the research that goes into them or an arbitrary price set by the publisher?

  • Do the writers of textbooks get royalties for sales, like regular books?

  • what is a subject where it would be important to get a more recent edition vs using an older one?

Thanks in advance!

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How feasible do you think this is in practice? Will there be/was there community involvement (i.e. Was it the govt that decided this or was it voted on)? What will be the biggest challenge of getting this to work? Thanks for your time!