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How many hours a day do you practice? Also Who decides your routines? 謝謝 您!

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Hi there, food service pro in higher education here! Thanks for doing this ama. As someone in the industry I have been trying to introduce meatless eating to the dining hall, with limited results. The main issue is that most people (especially in the rural areas near me) consider meat a requirement at almost every meal, and have a distrust for vegan alternatives like the beyond burger or even tofu. In particular there is a huge culture of masculinity surrounding meat eating. My question to you: What would you recommend to people in the culinary world/ food service industry do to help introduce meatless options for consumers without pushing away people who would otherwise eschew going vegan/ vegetarian (due to it being seen as "hippy", "weak"or "leftist")? Is there a way to approach the idea of cutting back or eliminating meat without making it seem like an "agenda"? Thanks in advance for your answers, will definitely be checking out your book!

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Jeez that's pretty harsh. Thanks for sharing

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What was the most difficult pickup you've had to make? What was the best?

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A few questions for you:

  • Can you explain a bit more about why textbooks cost so much? Is it the research that goes into them or an arbitrary price set by the publisher?

  • Do the writers of textbooks get royalties for sales, like regular books?

  • what is a subject where it would be important to get a more recent edition vs using an older one?

Thanks in advance!