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I've been reading how the Olympic athletes have been trying to keep "training ready" during quarantine. Do you have any rituals you like or need to do for esports?

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Thanks! Do you need to do any - idk...hand stretches or stuff like that to prevent repetitive stress injury? And do you have a favorite year of FIFA? Mine is 96 but alas that was from another time...

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Thanks for the AMA Jim, and love what you’ve done. How do you think Reddit can do more to help more?

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Awesome answer - yeah with FIFA 96 I guess it was more about sitting on the carpet of my living room, trying to score against my brother or friends.

Thanks for hanging out on Reddit today with us

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Thank you Jim. I think it would be very awesome if the annual secret Santa gift exchange had an option to gift/shop for a kid in need from your charity. What do you think u/spez 🙃