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TheLarue74 karma

I totally made an account, just to ask you stuff!

My question:

Despite what may or may not happen on The Tester, which I'm sure is already finished filming, do you regret opting to participate on the show? What can you tell us about how it was like to be filmed for a reality TV show? I saw on /v/ that everyone there was relatively nice according to you, so I wonder if they've taken a lot of people out of context.

I'm also curious -- those diary room type things, where you are solo and talking about what is going on, how are those filmed? Do they film it after the day is over or did you shoot them all at once at the end of the show? Do they ask you pointed questions like "How much of a bitch is that bitch?"

TheLarue35 karma

Thanks for replying brosephius.

I had a feeling they asked pointed questions and stuff, you know to build drama that isn't there and whatever.

I secretly was hoping this show would be less Big Brother/Fear Factor bastard child and more like "HEY GUISE LETS PLAY VIDEOGAEMS AND WHOEVER RINGS OUT MOST WINZ!!1" and then you picked Bowser, cause of course Smash Brothers is first videogaem.