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The Union refused for it's workers to do this kind of job so they contracted people in. Who knows? This is why you want to work with a Union if at all possible.

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They may have been Socialists or supportive of progressive rights, helped Gypsies, or just been anti-Nazi and refused to fly the flag or pass out flyers. No telling. Too bad you can't dig into it and find out somehow. The Nazis sent democratic socialists, communists, gays, Roma Gypsies, people with mental or genetic issues and even people who wouldn't give up pets during the pet purges to concentration camps.

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The other perk of labor Unions- when I was younger most service workers in any decent sized town made a living wage. No question to it. And it was because if your boss tried to pay too low a wage or cut your benefits you could hop over to a Union shop and get a decent pay rate.

Union shops lifted all boats.

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What would it take to hire you away from your current company, given the same working conditions?

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Yes :( Pet Purges