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Hi Devon!

My name is Michael Jackson (no, not that onethis one). You and I met in 2007 at Starlight Children's Foundation's "A Stellar Night," where you were a StarPower Ambassador and I was a Keynote Speaker. Here are two pictures of us together.

A couple years ago, we lost contact when I went social media free for a while, but I would love to reconnect with you again and catch up! I was so excited to see that you are doing a reddit AMA tonight; coincidentally, I also reconnected with Nicole Lapin (from the same event) through her AMA.

2007 was ten (!!!) years ago—and was the last year Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was on the air. What would you say is your proudest accomplishment since the show?

I hope you are doing well!

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We were at one point friends on Facebook, but I recently created a new one—I've sent you a friend request.

Thanks so much for your reply and congrats on your success!

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What has been the highlight of your career and why?

Thank you for doing this AMA!