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  • What was your most embarrassing injury?

  • How did you lose your virginity?

  • Do you think Abe and Joan ever get unfrozen and hook up, or will their heartbreak remain frozen in time... just like them?

Iiiiiiiierrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh... that's all I've got for now.

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I don't know if you're serious or not...?

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Dude. That was a surprisingly baller question. Good on you.

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So there's this guy on reddit, I can't remember his username, but he did these awesome Aquaman and Captain America scale-mail outfits. (A google search turned his Aquaman up on this forum, there's pics!) Now, I love what's going on there, but at the top of his costumes, there by the collar, the scale kind of flips up. You should be able to see it in some of those photos.

That really bugs me. I've been contemplating doing something like this myself, but if it's going to flip up like that at the top... it's bad enough that it'd be a deal breaker for me.

As a professional, do know of a way that can be avoided? Like, I don't need a super detailed explaination or how to, just a yes or no: is it always going to do that? No matter what?

Thanks, man. You've got some excellent stuff... and I might start dropping some hints at my fiancee soon regarding grabbing one of your tops! :D