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In regards to personal analytics and productivity, what do you use for knowledge management and general idea storage? What do you use to manage all the different notes on things you may be reading, researching, developing or are simply interested in doing? Scholars such as Luhmen, German Sociologists, believe that one cannot think without writing and have devised elaborate methods such as the slip-box system where they write down and note every idea and build up index systems tracking source and then developing a network of relations. Do you use any such organizational or work-flow enhancing system?

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Hey Dr. Wolfram; Huge fan of your software. What do you feel about complexity after 30 years of developing a system? That is, by the way longer than I have been alive lol

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lol Stephen is this your throw away? It seems as if you're a magnet for people lost in complexity & abstraction. The curse of Math and Science; its a chasm.

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That's awesome, It's one of those things that one never. In general systems that I have worked to build (small little things) sometimes one change or improvement takes one to a place where one didn't envision or didn't quite anticipate. Accident's are both good and bad, but your principles approach explains thing well :) Thank you!

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Well, be weary of anything that is about controlling the animal through the machine, given machines tendency towards inflexible axioms and deductive generalization born from untested "axioms" and principles. I have watched far too many Deus Ex Machina (God From machine) related cartoons and Japanse Anime/Manga to not be frightened lol I jest, I hope you find what you're research entails.

However, the original Ontological argument is pretty strong. Sure it's possible that God Exists in the understanding, which implies possible existence in reality, but then again; sense in the understanding is not necessarily a direct contingency nor necessary condition for existence in reality. To to say that is scientific means that you have experienced something that allows you to intuit God. The Natural Scientist is Nature's assistant and as natures assistant a scientist does not need to prove his Master's existence.

Solution = For any solution existing in S, the set of all possible solutions, the solution is actually nothing but the acknowledging or knowledge of the existence of the problem. Order relations can be governed by the Well-ordering principle in Pure Mathematics which is the governing principle behind any Finite set; then by direct implication of the definitions there must exist a least element or a least desirable solution, but contradictorily; there cannot exist one dominant solution because there is no way to determine whether the LOCAL OPTIMUM is the GLOBAL OPTIMUM. Therefore, if the Local Minimum cannot adequately and rigorously shown to be the Global Optimum, then the there exists no solution and the Exposition, Description, Detailing, and general Representation of all the existence criteria for the Problem is the best solution.