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USGS Volcanoes posted a few days ago that an active volcano is one that has erupted within a timespan of 10,000 years. Eruptions of volcanoes that had been quiet for 600 or so years such as Pinatubo in the PI and Chaiten in Chile have occurred quite recently. Statistically, what are the chances of an eruption from a volcano that has been quiet for 10 millennia? Thank you!

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This is not a US volcano question, but I am sure you all would have an answer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mt Fuji, which majestically looms over Tokyo and environs is an active volcano. Last erupted in January 1707. Obviously millions of people now live in its shadow, much like Mt Rainer. How realistic would evacuating Tokyo be if Fuji were to reawaken?

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Andy-Thank you for your great work at Clark AB. !! I was part of Operation Fiery Vigil, the Joint Command operation that evacuated thousand of US military dependents and retirees from the Philippine Islands in the days prior to the main eruption. I have a great photo somewhere of one of the eruptions taken from the Clark AB Regional Hospital as we evacuated the Neonatal Unit. Amazing. Later that summer our aeromedical evacuation flights were allowed to fly over the mountain range. Desolate. Now itโ€™s a beautiful lake.

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How dangerous, if at all, is the Mono Lake-Long Valley caldera in terms of future eruptions within the next century or so?