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Both the places you mentioned are highly overrated imo. As others noted Norther Lights Lounge and Honest Johns are both great for a cheap brunch, as is PJ's Lager House, Batch Brewing, Stache International,Woodbridge Pub, or Mudgies. You could go to Selden, Marrow, Lady of the House, or Cliff Bells for a higher end brunch. Also, Clique, Brooklyn Street Local, or Sister Pie offer good breakfast options that you could eat around noon and call brunch with no alcohol.

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Yes. You're essentially just paying for their rent and interior designer bills.

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Thoughts on Detroit?

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While Detroit has been growing immensely in higher end restaurants (Albena, Flowers, Besa, Etc) and the already established cheap eats restaurants seem to be booming (anywhere in Southwest, Madison Heights, Dearborn, Etc), why do you think it is that were not seeing any growth in the middle tier market? Additionally, when do you think Detroit proper will start gaining any of the "fast casual" restaurants that have been taking over the country (Chipolte, Sweetgreen, Boba Guys, Etc.)

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What do you do now?