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I've always wanted to know, what was the crazy scripting process behind having the andrew ryan suicide/murder scene in Bioshock.

Who's idea was it?

Why does he order you to kill him?

Also whats your favorite beard grooming tip?

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I love the fact that it was an improvised line

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[Spoilers] For the longest time I thought him ordering you was a hallucination and that Ryan wasn't saying anything.

I've later come to suspected that since you're ryans clone/son he hoped you and by extension himself would be able to resist the mind control process. Too bad that didn't quite work.

Still thanks for the Tip and Thanks for that moment because It's by far one of my favorite moments in a video game.

Tell Zoe, Hello from her fan in Franklin

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Omg what an amazing answer

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I enjoyed your article I have a two part question

Firstly, I'm curious without testing ramping up can we really slow down growth via social distancing alone?

And Secondly has Italy turned the corner in your mind or are they still "doomed" so to speak