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Im sorry but my fiancee told me about this thread and I had to come on.

If you care for your friends and family at all you should tell them. My mother died of terminal brain cancer. The doctors said 1.5 years and she made it 2.5 years. Everyone knew and tried their hardest to support her. It took lots and lots of time but I eventually came to grips with the timespan on my beloved mothers life. My sister never did. After the first year and a half I realized that I had time and motivation to do everything with my mother i had ever wanted. I didnt realize it at the time but these things are the things that help me cope with not having her now. My fondest memory is crawling on her lap as a 19 year old woman and curling up to have her stroke my hair like she had done since I was little. This memory helps me get through every day and try to be the strong wonderful woman my mother was.

My sister never came to terms with this during my mothers life. She fought to "save" her till the day she died. She battled a death sentence and in never giving up sentenced herself to defeat. I dont think she has ever gotten over it. And it really saddens me. I dont know what would have happened to her if she had never known and not been at least able to try...even if she did fail.

tl;dr If you care about your family/friends at all, allow them to say goodbye to you while you are still alive. We all need memories to hang on to once our loved ones are gone. Give these to your family and friends.

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I thought this was obvious in the dog training episode. Evil mastermind Taco!