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Thank goodness. It sounds like your father was trying so hard to protect you.

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He was also the only one who helped Stan Lee get off the ramp safely at Comic Con. Remember that? Everyone else was taking pictures and high-fiving and he moved past the crowd to make sure Stan was safe. Way to go Channing Tatum!

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Thank you for your honest answer. I taught special education for a few years and saw some medically complex/medically fragile children go through tremendous suffering. It’s a sad quality of life. I had decided ahead of time that if put in the same position I would have an abortion. Now that I’m a parent the decision is much more complicated. You did right by Lily. 100%. You loved her, kept her as healthy and comfortable as possible and lovingly, and unselfishly, let her go. You’re terrific parents and your experience will help so many families through difficult times. I wish you the best of luck!

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I read the link and most of it went over my head so please bear with me- supposing the therapy worked would the dmd symptoms lessen, possibly reverse and some functions be regained? Or would it more be the dmd degeneration slows? Entirely different, do you suppose dmd could be treated with Stem cells?