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I wish I had a better question.... but I wanted to let you know that this was one of the primary reasons I joined the US Army Medical Service in 1988. I knew we would be fighting Sadaam after this. I was of course called up for Desert Storm when the time came. Our hospital was prepared to treat massive chemical attack victims which fortunately, for all involved in Desert Storm, never came.

What are the companies named in the suit?

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Is that you saying "Time to GO" in Pink Floyd's "Bring The Boys Back Home" ?

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Sweet, bar bet has been won. Also, your Berthold character from "The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen" is my favorite of yours. I was lucky enough to have seen this (and even "The Meaning Of Life") first run in an actual theater. The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen is full of amazing characters and should be seen in its full majesty on the big screen.

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This is a O.R. tech, or scrub tech, I was one for 8 years in the Army. Its' 6 months training, no medical license needed in the US.

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This, I was one for 8 years. I'm suspecting she's waht we call an OR Aide. Non-sterile aide to the OR Nurse.