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White-fleshed mango from Bali, coco-de-mer from Seychelles, kura-kura durian from Borneo, baobab fruit, and your favorite childhood fruit = Priceless. - Y

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Try the miracle fruit * you can get it shipped from miraclefruitman.com. Any of the sweetest mango varieties especially alphonsos. Check out the Int'l Mango Festival in Miami too. I got to try mangos that taste like pina colada, creme brulee and lemon meringue pie. All time fav is a tuff one to answer. Usually fave fruit is the one you get invited to eat in someone's backyard collection. Recently, durian in our fixer's mother's backyard in Bali.

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depends on where you are, the easy answer is come visit hawaii (_) otherwise try the ethnic markets, hispanic, asian etc. - large wholoesale fruit markets in big cities too.-k

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let me try -- lots haev potential to be a world class fruit with proper horticultural practices, jaboticaba, abiu and green sapote, -- why isnt it happening is well , like bob dylan said, "money doesnt talk it swears". If someoen put in 50 acres here or florida and could wait 10 years for a return on investment-- some of hte fruits would be more popular across north america.

lasck of post harvest awareness is aa problem but lack of consumemr awareness could be easily remedy if there was enough fruit to do taste tests. jackfruit now has a great potential too -- my favorite to work with --

sometimes breeders go over hte top especially with prunus hybrids. Nature does a great job on her own given time.

i would like to see jackfruit as the next big thing -- if india decideds to do a lot of research and marketing it could be -- that and well you already see the other garcinias and not just mangosteen. i dont like the network marketing part of it. mens more spam in the email!

find sponsors to find work with undercultivated crops -- or write lots of grants -- you dont need to be at the Univ. to write a lot of US grants -- not sure about other places. -- hope this answers some -- but send email anytime if not-k

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sweetest I think would be abiu but only in florida unless you got them to send it to you -- its kind of like a sweet vanila pudding -- too sweet for some at our farmers markets-k