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Who is the most powerful force user batman could beat in a fight, and how would the fight go down?

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Thanks you for the great answer, an unbiased factual collection of information seems like the best thing for cases like this. It seems like a truly monumental task for people to undertake especially when information is sometimes released months after the incident occurred.

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How often do you think those killings were necessary?

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Would using something like TOR keep the NSA from knowing what I do online?

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So I just wanted to say I love the work you are doing, and please give Yuki and all the other animals a good scratch behind the ear from me and tell them they are a good boy/girl. I even donated, sorry I could not give more.

But I guess my question is could you please give an option for anonymous donations? I hate when my name/address and other information is required, I almost backed out and canceled my donation because of it, I ended up just putting in fake information.

I understand why you might want this info, but I don't want my info being sold, I don't want a thank you notice or to be asked for another donation, I just want to donate and have that be the end of it. Even if you promise to not do any of those things I don't really care, I try to be careful with my personal info and requiring personal information to donate feels wrong to me.

with that being said if anyone else wants to donate it's https://shywolfsanctuary.org/donate/