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1.Can you tell us what some of your favorite video games of all time are and tell us a little bit about why you like them?

  1. Can you tell us what some of your favorite horror movies of all them are and why you like them so much?

  2. Can you approve this pitch I wrote in time for Halloween (I need the money to buy your new book because I'm flat broke :p)


Also, it's great that you're voice is much clearer on the podcast nowadays!

TheFLAMan3 karma

In some of the articles Cracked has published in the past inviting folks to come and write pieces for the site, you've pointed how some of your writers have gone on to start up their own entertainment websites. Would you say people that have done that have been fairly successful? I send in quite a lot of video games pieces to you guys, and while I've gotten a nice bit published, it occurs to me that my knowledge of games-related stuff would probably appeal more to niche gamer crowd than the majority of Cracked readers out there...