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Was making such a Film rather traumatic, or even therapeutic? I keep thinking that, when there are films about true stories.

Did you ever think about giving up the film, or were you under a lot of help from others (friends, therapist, family)?

Thank you for your great work!

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This is truely inspiring! You are amazing.

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Thank you so much for that whole some reply! Another thing crossed my mind, did you, or are you moving away? Are you scared, or did anyone write a Note, or something?

Or did all ends just go into different ways? Is the case closed?

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IP6 owner changed my battery and still shutting off randomly... IOS 9.0.2 jailbroken ifcourse, diesnt happen when plugged in the charger. Any ideas?

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What do you think when you see 2D games turn 3D and most of the time mess up (mortalkombat, killer instinct etc...)?

Do you think they should have stayed 2D?