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Or Esperanto ;)

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Your insincerity...

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Great summary, but I wanted to add that the number of people that a Representative represents per state varies (and varies per district within states). So in Rhode Island (one extreme), currently one Representative represents a little over 500,000 people. In Montana (the other extreme), one Representative represents almost 1 million people. So the 'voice' of the people of Montana is diluted by almost 50% compared to the 'voice' of Rhode Islanders. source

In addition, districts within states tend to be drawn so urban areas have more people per district, and rural with fewer people per district. So people in urban districts tend to have their voices diluted in Congress, while rural voters tend to have their voices amplified.
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Edit 2:An interesting side effect of the urban/rural district issue is that since urban districts tend to be more liberal, and rural tend to be more conservative, current distracting actually allows for disproportionately more conservative voices in the House.

In addition, since a state's number of Representatives is partially responsible for determining the Electors used during presidential elections, these discrepancies between population and representation have a ripple effect on electing the President. Here's an interesting graph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:State_population_per_electoral_vote.png

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Hi Tony.

First, thanks for making P90X. I've been using it off and on for a few years now (along with X3).

Second, as a native-born Rhode Islander, I'm curious, how often do you get back there? And what do you like to do when you go?

Third, when you're working out, do you like to cycle through different versions of P90X (2, 3) or do you prefer one over the others? Or do you do something even more intense?