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Can you give some insight regarding the degree to which us UBE takers should try to forecast/guess which topics will be tested on July's essay portion? For example, from my vantage point it seems like Crim Law (and maybe CrimPro) is "due" for an essay question because it's been several exams since there was an essay question focusing primarily on CrimLaw. Similarly, I would guess that it's unlikely there will be a Corps essay because that would make back-to-back-to-back Corps essays, which, although not unprecedented, doesn't seem to happen too often.

Am I overthinking this or is analyzing this sort of thing a worthwhile exercise in determining how much time to devote to a potential essay subject? Advanced thanks for your help!

TheEighthJuror5 karma

Great, thank you! I'm definitely not ignoring the MEE materials -- I haven't missed any assignment in my BarBri course yet.

Even still, I think my strength as a test-taker more closely lines up with multiple choice, so I'm putting a lot of eggs in that basket. Similarly, I did a lot of memo writing during my internships, so I feel pretty good about my ability to be given a research problem and writing a cogent response. With all that in mind, I decided to adopt the plan of attack I described in my previous post, but it feels good to receive some validation from an expert.

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

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Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it.

If I might ask one more question --

Basically, I've been approaching the bar like this: I want to crush the MBE (meaning correctly answering ~ 70% correct pre-scale), do very well on the MPT, and as far as the MEE is concerned, just try to not crash and burn. Basically I've been focusing heavily on MBE and I've done a lot of practice MPTs with my logic being that if I do well above average on these two, I can still pass with a notably below average MEE performance.

Thoughts on such approach? Thanks!