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TheDumpsterTitanHit2 karma

Hi Tom. I've been a fan of yours since near the end of your run with Monster Patrol. I finally had the chance to meet you at World Finals 15, which made that entire weekend (and my life). I'd attach the photo my Dad took, but I guess that I don't have it on my phone.

I just have a few questions about you and monster trucks in general:

  1. If you had to guess, who will be the next driver to Double Down at the World Finals?
  2. On that note, who's due to win their first championship?
  3. Is there any possibility that Team Meents will be brought back, even if it's just for a Finals encore? I loved that truck
  4. What was the most spectacular crash of your career? Because this one is often overlooked, but it was wild.
  5. Is there a possibility that the World Finals field will expand even more, or is 32 trucks in the main show the max Feld is willing to do?
  6. Who drove Doomsday at the World Finals? My Dad and I are convinced that it was Pablo Huffaker. Whoever it was drove too well to be a Vegas rookie... and it was a little odd that Pablo's Digger was there but he wasn't at the pit party.
  7. Has FELD ever considered involving old school trucks as a side act, like Checkered Flag did for their Silverdome shows? Obviously racing leafers in, let's say, Vegas is a recipe for disaster, but just having them crush some cars during the downtime would be interesting.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these questions. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas next year.

TheDumpsterTitanHit1 karma

Thanks for answering, Tom! That made my day. I can't believe that I forgot about the Phoenix crash.