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A predator and a pirate!

This guy is nothing but trouble!

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They should call the predators...

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Don't forget /u/Kurtomatic when the ad dollars start to come in!!!

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I like the honesty here: "dunno."

It's good to not get a line of bs that some of us just want to hear.

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Thank you for doing this AMA, Sir Ian.  As I've said before, I am a big fan.

When Return of the King came out, I lived in Dallas, TX, a sprawling metroplex with many movie theaters.  From the weekend of it's release through it's last weekend in the dollar theater, I saw Return of the King in a movie theater every Friday night. That's every Friday from December to May.  What a ride!

Anyway, after Fellowship, I recall Elijah Wood on the daily Show I think talking about matching tattoos of the runic "9" that you fellows had gotten during filming.  That story touched me as it truly demonstrated the bond you guys had created while filming.

Do you fellas all keep in touch? Do you ever have reunions of the Fellowship despite your busy schedules?