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Can you post clips of some of your favorite shots? (If not, can you reference specific parts of those episodes?)

What was the most challenging shot you ever had to make?

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When I was in elementary school, my friend Tim and I would pretend we were Andalites morphed into human form. Every two hours, each of us would ask to go to the bathroom, go into a stall, make some cool morphing/demorphing sound effects, and re-emerge, glad to avoid the tragic fate of the nothlit for another two hours.

I think we kept this up for about a week.

In conclusion, Animorphs was (and still is, I'd wager) one of the best young adult series out there. Finding a new one at the library was always a special surprise, and a cause for celebration. A good chunk of my childhood pocket money went to fleshing out my collection - my friend Ryan and I coordinated to get as many as possible.

Money well spent.

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When you wrote your post about how you don't really feel like an adult, were you reading my diary?

Because seriously, that is how my life works.

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It astonishes me how rude some people can be. My uncle has a physical disability, and people always, always stare.

I mean, I get it, it's probably not something you see every day, but that's a person you're staring at. How would you feel if people were always staring at you?

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According to this Q&A with Dave Simon, Omar was inspired by a real-life gangster, Donnie Andrews (who plays the deacon in The Wire). In his time as a criminal, Andrews performed a leap of comparable height - three stories off a railroad bridge - and survived.

Reality is unrealistic.

EDIT: I am corrected in the replies. Melvin Williams, who was the real-life inspiration for Avon Barksdale, plays the deacon. And the jump was actually higher than the one in The Wire.