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Do you think you'll ever make it big and get a cushy job in a Nandos, or are you happy with your small town job in a homely and traditional KFC?

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Is Trump the modern day equivalent of Reagan?

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Do you think that composers of video game music are underrated or pushed aside unfairly by composers for more conventional content like films? I've always been far more moved by the scores for Thomas was Alone and Skyrim than I have by most of the famous movie scores.

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Great, thanks! I definitely agree that archaeology is about as cool as anything can get (although my Council for British Archaeology membership card doesn't win me much cool factor) and it's always nice to be reminded of why it would be a bad idea to abandon it as a passion. My last diving instructor was a marine archaeologist who really encouraged me to go for it as a career, even though he hadn't had the easiest time getting employment. He put it brilliantly: "if you're a marine archaeologist, it's a win-win situation. Either you're doing what you love, or you work as a diving instructor in the tropics between jobs."

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Hopefully you'll have an idea on this question: how hard is it to break into a very specific field of archaeology, or a specific type? I'm starting archaeology at university next year and want to specialise in marine archaeology down the line, either in the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean, but I'm not sure how I would go about breaking away from more obvious forms of archaeology. And if I do manage to become specialised in marine archaeology (or any branch, for that matter) how hard would you say it is to break into the career market at such a specific level? Thanks for your thoughts!