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First, great respect to your Grandpa for surviving a horrible situation.

What was the closest he came to dying, or was there a time when he was sure he was next?

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A second question, if I may.

Besides Jews, how many other people were imprisoned with him (i.e. homosexuals, handicapped people, etc)?

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It looks like it is up to you to break the archaic traditions of your family.

Although we have classes here in the Western World, mobility through those classes is vital to our social make up.

We are also struggling to break the chains of racism.

I'm sorry for your situation, but I have every confidence that you will come out of this stronger and wiser than the rest of your family.

Best of luck to you.

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what other Church could I go to?

Any; All but one; None.

If your relation ship with your lord and savior is a personal one, why do you feel the need to be a part of a broken organization that has utterly failed its congregants?

I'll openly admit that the concept of "belonging" to an organization and/or feeling that you "owe" that organization your allegiance, no matter what, is completely alien to me, so perhaps you can explain why you feel chained to such a vile institution.

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