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TheBuiz12 karma

First off, congratulations on winning Battlebots! I was pretty disappointed when you guys ended up losing to Chomp last season because I thought you had a pretty good bracket to make a run all he way to the finals and I’m glad to see it’s worked out this time. Now, onto the questions...

For Paul:

During your last AMA, you mentioned that you probably wouldn’t return to a design like Brutality because of the stress it puts on the weapon motors. Can you elaborate on this?

Marc mentioned during his AMA that one of the reasons Icewave would go flying after a hit was because the bar would flex a bit and hit the bot causing it to become unstable. Was this a problem Brutality had to deal with as well or is it specific to overhead bars that have a large mass above the bar?

Are the hinges for Bite Force’s wedgelets custom made or were they off-the-shelf?

Bite Force’s bar doesn’t spin that quickly compared to some of the other verts but seems to dish out just as much damage if not more. How does Bite Force manage to fish out these sort of hits with its lower tip speed and weight compared to some of the other verts?

For Rob:

What happened to Megabots and what did you do during your time involved with it?

For Marco:

What made you decide to go for a multi-tooth drum as opposed to a single tooth drum for the tournament and what advantages/disadvantages are there to using it compared to the single tooth drum?

Is it just me, or did Minotaur lose a weapon belt or two during the Monsoon fight?