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TheBrownWelsh6 karma

A disposable gas station eCig lasts me roughly two days. I used to smoke almost 2 packs a day.

To each their own of course, but I always found it mostly accurate.

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What music do you plan to blast from the giant speakers I assume will be strapped to this contraption? Classic rock? Dubsteb? Or just a bald eagles' screech on loop?

TheBrownWelsh5 karma

I started using Blu in 2009, and it was my first step into the world of electronic cigarettes.

For all the crap that gets thrown your way, I will forever be grateful to the company that got me to quit smoking and find a healthier alternative. You also gave me a new hobby!

Between the products and customer service at that time, Blu changed my life. I don't use your products anymore but I just wanted to say thanks for being there when I needed you most.

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Good grief.

I've been looking for a DVD box set of this show for fucking years, the entire cast will be dead by the time it turns up.