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I congratulate you on not ever smoking especially in a time where it was basically deemed healthy, thats a huge accomplishment and, this might sound offensive, but it is probably the main reason you are still so active today compared to others your age. Not to mention you probably got made fun of for it/peer pressured into it all the time in the military, since thats about all there was to do on your down time. My grandfather died after 10 years mostly stuck in the house on oxygen and my father (60) has COPD, so I've always decided against cigarettes.

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Thank you for your time, I love hearing history from the POV of those who actually lived it.

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Yeah, he becomes that crazy guy that attempts to discredit the US government at every turn, therefore giving everyone the impression that they can't trust anything he says because hes wacky, so anyone saying these types of things would be deemed a psycho and automatically discredited.