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Baker as in the store itself, not the manufacturing plant. and yes that is basically true. biscuits, eggs, sausage, donut bases, all frozen. we fill the donuts and put the stuff that goes on them like peanuts, drizzle, icing and such.

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everything is frozen. and it is a difficult job, especially when so many people are ordering food at once. so dont get mad when your order takes a little longer than you expect.

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They come in a box, and are similar to hockey pucks which is frequently what we use them for with brooms in our down time.

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not often, we have to do it behind the managers (and cameras) backs. but i made a vanilla filled donut with mint frosting and chocolate drizzle. it wasnt too bad.

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they are evidently getting a "buffalo crunch" donut, which has an indent in the middle filled with buffalo sauce, and the rest has a hot sauce covering for the crushed chips to stick to. i will not be buying that.