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Did anyone also happen to know Hank before John ? I first discovered SciShow, then VlogBrothers and after a few months of wondering whether John was his boyfriend or his brother I realized he was also an author. Didn't know what book he wrote though, yet. So I was pretty shocked when I realized John had five times the amount of twitter followers his brother had. And then someone told me the book he wrote was called "The fault in our stars" and I shat a brick.

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What's it like to be harassed on a red carpet when you're not used to it ?

I remember you said it kind of startled you

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From a insider's point of view, considering all the security measures that have been implemented, how secure do you think airports are ?

Do you think that securing them that much was worth it?

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"he most likely does" doesn't make much sense but "He most likely did" does because it was very common back then.

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What's with that intestine of yours if it's not too much to ask ? D: