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The mother of my daughter refuses to vaccinate our daughter for the same reasons (autism, religion, and now autoimmune). What advice can you give to me in order to keep my two year old daughter healthy? My other concern is her education. In my state, without vaccination a child can not attend public school.

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Yes, very expensive. $20,000 and that doesn't guarantee vaccinating.

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Here’s a problem a lot of people who vaccinate have: they assume the other side is willing to listen.

I have explained the science behind vaccines. I have explained the consequences not just medically but socially. It doesn’t matter.

It is literally arguing against someone’s religion. And a lot of the anti vaxxers are stubbornly religious.

Thank you for your comments but I already understand the dangers of not vaccinating and have expressed those concerns in every way possible and it has only led me to deeper problems than you ca imagine. The fight against antivax is not as simple as explaining science to a student.

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Great response. Thanks

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Since you sell Mercedes, I’ve got to ask: what car do you drive?

If Mercedes, what other brand would you recommend?

If not Mercedes, why should I buy a Mercedes if the sales person doesn’t use the product?