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Your work with hitRECord is absolutely inspiring. The fact that you give up and comers an opportunity to collaborate like that is amazing. Do you have any future plans to create a mainstream project such as a movie with artists from hitRECord?

Seriously, thank you for giving so many a chance at their dreams.

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A TSA agent once made me take my parrot out of his carrier so he could inspect the inside. I was terribly embarrassed, and especially afraid of him flying away (which he didnt, luckily). My husband is active duty in the military, so I will have to fly with him again. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

EDIT: originally I was looking for an alternative to taking him out, like maybe paperwork or an alternative scan, but I love everyone's creative suggestions!

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That's exactly what happened. My issue is, while he is trained to stay on my arm, if something in an unfamiliar place spooks him, he could take off. This particular airport had some open windows, too.

I guess I'll have to just clip him next time =\ I really wanted to avoid doing that.

Thank you for answering my question!

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Are you fluent in ASL?

Or, should I say: Nice meet you! My name what? Sarah. You sign?

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How often do you have to tell Conan "no, you can't do that"?