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TheBadSpy3 karma

I’ve been following your work forever and watched from the screen as you worked your way through different projects with NIN, saw your personal life in LA blossom and then shatter, followed you into the woods and out again, and now get to take in the current happy and married Rob with his comic and his life in Seattle.

A couple of questions from my observations, and forgive me if they’re prodding and overly-personal -

How did you know it was time to walk away from the LA life? You responded earlier that you felt it was time, but what really signals that? It seems being comfortable as part of a rock n roll institution would really make the decision difficult, despite the personal issues surrounding you. My goal is stability in life at all times, so hats off to you for taking a chance on yourself and coming out better.

How difficult was it to settle the dust of divorce and to collaborate with Tamar on the Puscifer tour and any other projects you’ve crossed over on? Any divorced couple I know can’t stand the sight of one another, let alone the notion of collaborating and making creative decisions together.

And here’s the most personal - as I mentioned having followed both you and Tamar through your relationship and marriage and divorce, it seemed to build slow and burn quick. Was it one of those things where you just didn’t really investigate your own feelings for one another and just took the standard course of a typical relationship? Did the marriage itself force you to recognize things you didn’t pay attention to before? It’s nosey of me to ask, but relationships are fascinating. When we’re only let in on a sliver of them, the behind the curtain things we imagine are endless and reckless and toxic. The reality, should you care to share, is probably much less exciting that what anyone would imagine.

Thank you for all of your work through the years. You’ve really set a indelible mark on the NIN legacy that’s been such a part of my life, and now part of my family’s life as well. We continue to enjoy your output and look forward to every new project.