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Did you or your friends ever talk ill of the NK regime in private?

How much of the propaganda did you believe?

Do you ever miss any aspect of North korea?

Did you ever have good times in North Korea? I can't imagine how anybody could be happy, being watched all the time

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Oh, I wouldn't do it since its illegal, and it would be hard to enforce/make sure the doctor is legit/ all that jazz.

Here is the horribly depressing yet, also happy truth: Donation doesn't lower life expectancy, except if you somehow get stabbed in your remaining kidney, or some such (pretty unlikely) or get an infection or something during the operation (also unlikely).

Its just that people can't really get over the fact that losing a kidney doesn't lower life expectancy that nobody donates. Its not intuitive.

Why people don't sign up to be donaters for when/if they die. I don't know. My hypothesis is that they suck

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How difficult was it to learn the necessary software skills to present your voice talent?

How did you go about doing it?

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If you could buy a kidney, would you?

If the state could buy kidneys and disperse them via Canadian healthcare system (spend the dialysis money on a kidney instead) would you like that?

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-_- I'd sell Canada my kidney for less then what they have to pay out in dialysis, just sayin'.

As it is now, I can't even afford to donate, that is, I'd be fired from work because I'd have to recover from the operation.