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Do you know what computer science activities (such as summer activities and internships, extracurriculars, etc...) will impress College Admissions? Because I want to apply to be a computer science major in some colleges.

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Actually, we shouldn't go in thinking that most likely, they are telling the truth because the accused rapist is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, we should assume the accused rapist is innocent and try to find facts that prove otherwise. If the evidence is strong enough to defeat our presumption of evidence, only then should we assume the man/woman who is the supposed victim is telling the truth. This goes for all crimes including theft, murder, etc. The attacker is innocent until proven guilty (like DNA evidence or camera footage). Why don't you presume innocence?

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Isn't someone innocent until proven guilty? Exposing assailants when you don't know they are guilty is essentially ruining their lives. Only when they are proven guilty should you expose them.

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How did you learn game dev/how did you learn to code in order to do game dev?

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Regardless of what most people think, SCOTUS is actually pretty impartial and won't allow Trump to discount mail/absentee ballots because that is against the law.