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In the US, we heard about what was going on but it wasn't made to be as big of a deal. I remember watching AB's episode of No Reservations and how the night before he was on rooftop bars with locals having a blast, carefree. The next morning they're running for their lives.

He covered the situation better on a fucking cooking show than any other 24 hour news network.

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My whole family is first responders except for me, one time my dad and my younger brother responded to a call about a girl who had the crap beat out of her by her meth head boyfriend, but told the EMT's he had fled when she called 911.

Except when my dad and brother got there, he was standing in the kitchen waiting for them. He charged at my dad who promptly grabbed a cast iron pan and cracked him upside the head with it.

My brother, who was new at the time, asked him how he knew that wouldn't kill him. He didn't lol

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Great movie!

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Didn't you play hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins?

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Are you serious? Misconceptions?

Shit. I was in Lagos for 2 months. Bus drivers wrecking and killing their passengers cause they've been on meth for a week straight. Constant Car jackings (including one I was held up and involved in). Your own Maids and drivers holding you up and stealing from you.

The human trafficking is just aweful. I remember seeing these girls outside on certain corners or sitting outside certain businesses...the looks in thee eyes, that sunken, shallow painful look. The look they get when either their family sold them for the money, their family owed a debt or they were just stolen and have no idea where their home even is anymore.

The political gangs constant warring in the fucking streets. The civilian casualties from crossfire.

My roommate sold me on working their one summer for three months with his dad. I got paid 2 salaries one in USD and the other on Naira which could be converted to US after. I made a shitload of money, but I left after almost two months. It was killing my mind.

Don't make Lagos, Nigeria out to be anything more than aweful. I know it's unfair of me to only emphasize its negatives. Although, I never saw the country outside of Lagos. I heard there are a lot of tight-knit villages there, but that's all I had heard.